Why Dragonflies

When my son was little we’d sit in our yard and watch the dragonflies. We loved counting them, guessing how many we might see. Some days, it would be dozens. It was our special time together. I still smile every time I see a dragonfly. Up close they are odd creatures. Yet, when they fly, their iridescent wings catch the light and they are dazzling. The same is true for us. Examine us closely and we all have imperfections, but when we fly in God’s purpose, we too shimmer in the light of His glory. –Leslie founder of Dragonfly Ministry



Learn to live a life of impact that influences beyond your lifetime.
Refresh your faith as we fortify our confidence that is anchored in Christ.
Connect with other women.
Learn to care for others in a deeper fashion. Be empowered to positively influence others.  
 Saturday February 20, 2016
Christ the King Church
Early bird registration starts Nov.1 and runs through January 17.