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An Invitation from Leslie

Me? Mentor? I didn't set out to do this. I fell into it. Delighted by time with my young friends, it became my passion. Each of us influence other people. We don't always recognize this. There is a need for mentors. Mentors leave an impression that lasts a life time. This biblical tradition is essential in nurturing the next generation. One on one ministry is their desire. They need mentoring but more importantly they want mentoring. Join me as we breathe new life into this old tradition. Learn to build your legacy.

Mentoring millennials is an adventure. Join us as we explore who we are, who they are and how the two generations can build community through mentoring. Build your legacy as you build God's Kingdom! Click here to purchase.

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Leslie's eBook "What's in a Name? Jesus in the Book of John"  is now available on and

“For months I was compelled to read the first chapter of the Gospel of John. Over and over I was drawn to Jesus as the Word. Why are you drawing me here Lord? What treasure lays hidden here that you want to reveal to me? As I read the familiar words, my curiosity expanded into the entire book of John. A pattern began to emerge and I was fascinated to understand its purpose. Every two or three chapters John identified Jesus with a symbolic name. Although there are a few more, it became apparent to me that I was to study seven of them. An unmistakable thread is woven through the entire text. John’s goal was to point the reader to Jesus deity.”

A Reader's Responses to "What's In A Name? Jesus in the book of John"

  • The author does an excellent job of relating her life experiences to the material in the book.It makes her "real" to the readers.
  • There is an easy, user-friendly flow to the content of the chapters, and between the chapters.
  • I can see, behind these words, time delightfully spent in the presence of her teacher and best friend. It has yielded great insights, connections and understandings for her and her readers.
  • The response questions included for each chapter provoked some serious soul-searching and called out an intentional action .
  • Often I wished to stay longer where her words led me, to get a better grasp on new thoughts; and to feed on them.Loved it!

Thanks Elizabeth Ohman for your kind words!

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